About Us

Who Are We?

We are Prime Seven Media

Prime Seven Media LLC, is a leading publishing company with headquarters in Tomah, Wisconsin. We are committed to transforming an author’s imagination into pages and helping them carve out a name for themselves in the literary world.

Prime Seven Media

We believe that different authors have different needs that will lead them to different paths, and it is up to us to guide them to the road that will ultimately lead them to their own brand of success.

What we do?

Offering Publishing Services to Meet All of Your Publication Needs

We offer our authors high-quality editorial and publishing services to help them advance in their literary careers. We can help you get better opportunities that amplify your chances in finding the best literary agency and agent for publishing through our thorough analytic process that will guarantee your manuscript in the best state it can be.

Providing Excellent Book Marketing Services

Our services include a wide range of first-class marketing and advertising campaigns. With the combined talent of our marketing experts and seasoned publicists, we are at the forefront of driving your success as an author by harnessing the power of both traditional media platforms and modern digital services. Our goal is to expand YOUR REACH through professional assistance from our editors and strategists. And with our array of media affiliates throughout the world, Prime Seven Media ensures you the widest options of media platforms all dedicated and optimized to promote your material and you.